@nanowordsprints hace unos ejercicios tuiteros para practicar la escritura instantánea y pulir el arte,  desempolvar.

Como tomaron mi sugerencia de escribir con el tema “atrapado en el tren subterráneo”, comparto lo que alcancé a redactar en los 10 minutos del ejercicio.

I was running late when I when down the stairs at 34th street subway entrance.
My life, as always, was a messy misunderstanding of how real life works; of how time works.
I scheduled the appointment at 10am so I could arrive early at the building and stop by the small coffee shop at the lobby of the tower.
I’ve been there a couple of times before, with my now ex-girlfriend, and I noted the redheaded barista behind the counter. It’s not that I was thinking of cheating, no way. But you know how us guys always keep a list. THE list. A list of girls we would like to date in the event of, well you know, things didn’t work with our current SO.
So I was thinking about this when the number 3 stoped at the terminal and in we went. I was quite busy for a saturday morning but hey! This is new York.
so the train started moving for a couple of seconds and then it suddenly stoped.
It just not only slowed down. It stopped flat, screeching. I heard about 5 WTF before rolling on the floor on top a very bulky senior citizen.
I tried to get up just as he was pushing away. Get off, you idiot. He yelled at me.
Some good samaritan grabed my arm and pulled me up. And I helped the senior to get up, also. I was about to look at my savior when the lights suddenly gave in.
Pitch. Black.
You could not see your own nose. But suddenly everybody started turning on their cell phones. All the faces lit up but still everybody was quiet.